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" I would recommend using Pree’s to everyone! The level of work they do is amazing and above what the competition does. The crew that comes out to your home is professional, extreemly friendly and helpful. Clean up is always perfect. Their equipment they use is top notch! They can do removals with a crane which is beyond amazing to see. If you have not called and gotten an estimate I highly recommend you do! They have many Arborists on staff to ensure excellence in their work as well as educating customers. Great work Pree’s! I could not ever imagine using anyone else!"
- Lynne J.
"Prees showed up here at 7:30 and by 2, they were cleaned up and gone.  Had really good equipment and three workers who worked very well together. Communicated with headsets and safety seemed to be a priority.   Left almost no debris at all, and stacked some logs for me to use for firewood.  Price was right in line with two other quotes that I had gotten.  Will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for tree work."
- Scott G.
"These guys are the real deal. Very polite and professional, and cleaned everything up after they were done with our tree trimming! The trees look great and will continue to for years to come. I will definitely be calling them again when we're ready for removal. Thanks again guys!"
- Jordan P.

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