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Pree's Tree Specialists, Inc. is a company that is capable of meeting all of your tree care needs. If you have a tree related need that is not listed, please call and ask us about it. If we cannot provide the service, we will give you the contact information for another company whom you can trust.

Tree & Debris Removal

We are well trained to remove any tree that is a danger or has become a problem for your property. We can also provide debris removal. Whether from storm damage or an accumulated brush pile, we have the equipment to clean up any mess.

Lightning Protection

Large trees that stand alone or above all surrounding trees may be at a significant risk to a lighting strike. Call us for a free evaluation to determine if your tree could benefit from a lighting protection system.


Our pruning techniques are correct. Not because we say so, but because we are constantly being educated in proper practices by the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association.

Cabling & Support

Trees are strong and most of the time can be maintained with very little pruning.  Older trees can sometimes benefit from additional support systems that will compensate for incorrectly formed unions or other defects.  Our trained staff can help you identify and address structural issues within a trees canopy.  This process is minimally invasive and will help you sleep during storms.

Disease & Insect Identification & Treatment

We are licensed to identify and offer treatments for tree diseases and harmful insects.  Keep your trees and keep them healthy by allowing us to resolve pest issues.  It is generally less expensive than removal and allows you to keep your current landscape.

Planning & Establishment

Getting your trees off to a great start is crucial. The process actually begins in the nursery. By allowing an arborist to be involved in the selection process, you can avoid many problems from an early age. After selection, proper planting helps to ensure a long life for your trees.

Aeration & Root Excavation

If you have recently built your home, have compacted the soil around a tree by driving over the roots repeatedly, or have a tree that is in decline, aeration may be just what your tree needs. Our high powered air excavator can loosen soil and expose root problems without causing any damage to the tree. We can also create plant beds, expose irrigation lines and remove small trees.

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